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Jason's Bio

Hi everybody. I’m Jason Abrams and I teach English and Publications here at Dishman Hills. I’m really excited to be a part of the DHHS team again this year as we move forward with some awesome projects to help our students be successful in their educations and beyond. Overall, this is my fifth year as a full-time teacher. Prior to DHHS, I was an English teacher at Nampa High School in Nampa, ID. I love being a teacher more than anything and I am always looking for new and innovative ways to help students learn and succeed in my classroom.


I earned my Bachelor’s degree from Eastern Washington University in 2013, and I will be starting a Master’s program in English Language Learning this October. I feel this will enable me to better reach students that may struggle with linguistic concepts and help them to move forward with English as a whole.


I’m a proud father of four kids and four dogs, and between my wife and I, we spend most of our free time chasing at least one of them around. As a parent, I see the value of education for my own children, and I try to take all of that into consideration when I make my plans for educating other parents’ children.


I am passionate about words, knowledge, thinking, and above all else, lifelong learning. At Dishman, we value the opportunity to help our students become lifelong learners, and I love being a part of this team.