Dishman Hills High School

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ELA Job Opening

Our Needs:

We’re a small choice school that’s in need of a full-time classroom instructor in ELA and preferably multiple content areas. We need faculty members that aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty to prove our students can and will accomplish anything. We’re looking for fierce collaborators, innovative thinkers, and professionals ready to ensure dramatic educational outcomes in their classrooms. An exceptional candidate’s resume also includes the following experiences:

  • Demonstrated grit
  • Improved instruction based on critical feedback
  • Effectively used projects as a tool for both learning and assessment
  • Desired interest in professional development
  • Passionate about creating lasting professional relationships with students

Looking to Stand out?

  • Experience working in a Title I school
  • Knowledge of Summit Learning platform
  • Bilingual

Think You’re the Right Person?

Add your resume and cover letter addressing the following prompt:

How do you plan for a highly engaging learning experience?”

To your application at at

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