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Student Resources » Inclement Weather Information

Inclement Weather Information

Inclement Weather or Emergency Conditions/Events


Inclement weather or emergency conditions/events happen from time to time and may force a change in the school day. As routine is very important to our students, families, and community, the district will make every effort to adhere to the established school calendar and bell schedules; however, the safety of students and employees is the highest priority. We have a process in place to make decisions about the school day and communicate this information to families, students, and staff.


Please remember that inclement weather, emergency conditions/event, and/or traffic may affect the bus schedule and we ask that families be patient and understanding. We will do everything in our control to provide accurate information.


Recommendations and Decisions


The Superintendent makes the final decision on whether the school day is changed (late start/early dismissal) or canceled due to inclement weather or another emergency condition/event. Depending on the type of emergency, this decision will be made with input from district employees and/or the appropriate agency; i.e. police, fire, utilities, etc.


When possible, decisions regarding school delays or closures due to weather-related issues are made by 5:00 a.m. Notification of changes regarding the school day may utilize any of the following: School Messenger, social media pages, the district website, and local area radio and television media. Messages you may see or hear include the following:


  • No announcement: Schools are open.


  • School Open – Running Two (2) Hours Late: Schools and buses will run two hours late. Dismissal will be at the regular time unless otherwise announced. In addition to school running two (2) hours late, the following will be in effect: 
    • No breakfast program
    • No AM session for Dishman Hills High School


  • Emergency Snow Routes in Use – School On-Time: No change in schedule for Dishman students. 


  • Emergency Snow Routes in Use – School and Buses Running Two (2) Hours Late: No change in schedule for Dishman students. 


  • School Dismissing Early: Early dismissal may be required due to snow or other conditions which develop during the school day. 


For school-specific emergencies (i.e. loss of power/heat), the district will follow the same decision process as listed above to determine if the school day will be canceled, delayed or dismissed early for that school.


If schools are closed for any reason for one day, they will be open the following day unless information to the contrary is announced.


How should you prepare for changes to the school day?

Every family should have a home emergency plan in place that can be put into action on short notice. Ensure that your children have an alternate place to stay if you must be at work on a day when school has been delayed, canceled, or dismissed early. Ensure that a neighbor, family member or care center is able to care for or receive students during a change to the school day. Instruct students to report directly home or to their established care center immediately after school.




When schools are closed district school activities, events and athletic games and practices may be postponed or canceled.