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Frequently Asked Questions

Because Dishman Hills High School is a choice program parents and students often have questions about application process. Below you can find some of the most frequently asked questions.
What Are Some Reasons My Student Would Not Be Accepted?
Dishman Hills High School is not a neighborhood school. Students apply to Dishman and may be accepted as a choice student if we have room and can accommodate the student's needs in our program. Dishman Hills High School is part of the West Valley School District and has specific board policies that govern the acceptance of students that live outside of the West Valley School District. The specific reasons a student may not be accepted based on board policy, can be found here  WVSD Board Policy 3141 Non-Resident Students
What Do I Do If My Student Is Not Accepted?
We are so glad you are interested in our school. We think this is a pretty amazing place to attend or work. Because we are a unique, choice program, we cannot take every student that applies. 
We understand that rejection is never easy. If we cannot take your student, it does not mean we won't ever be able to take them. Students are welcome to reapply for consideration once a semester. 
If we cannot take your student, you will be notified by email at the address you provide in your application. Because we process thousands of applications each year, we cannot accommodate individual phone calls or meetings with students or parents that have not been accepted. Please connect with your neighborhood counselor to continue enrollment there or to learn about other programs available to you in your resident district. 
What Happens If My Student Is Accepted?
If your student is accepted, you will be notified via the email provided in the application. Enrollment paperwork will be sent to the email and once completed, the student will be entered into our system and called for a scheduling appointment. 
What Happens If I Haven't Heard If My Student Is Accepted or Denied?
If you've waited more than a week with no status update, please contact the office to ensure we have the correct email address for you.