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About Our School

Dishman Hills High School is the oldest nontraditional high school in the greater Spokane area.
Students who attend Dishman Hills High School have many choices. This fall students will choose to attend an am session or pm session Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday. Wednesday students can access school clubs and academic support from 9-11 am. The school year is split into four quarters with a week in between each quarter for applied and experiential learning opportunities. 
They have freedom to select their teachers, add options for attending Running Start (at one of the local community colleges or Eastern Washington University), participate in Career and Technical Education programs at Spokane Valley Tech (our next door neighbor) or NEWTECH Skills Center in Northern Spokane.
Classes are small (typically 8-12 students) and teachers work with students in a caring and nurturing manner, assisting them as they achieve their educational goals.
We believe in new ways of teaching and new ways of learning. We do new teaching and learning through a non-traditional school model that empowers students to be successful in all areas in their lives. Dishman Hills High School is the oldest non-traditional high school in the Spokane area.