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Student Resources » Duke of Edinburgh's International Award USA

Duke of Edinburgh's International Award USA

Dishman Hills High School is the only site in Washington to offer the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award USA 

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award USA is the world’s leading youth achievement award. Dishman Hills High School is proud to be the only site in the state to offer Award USA. 

What is Award USA?

The Award is a program of activities. Each young person who takes part in the Award learns a skill, improves their physical fitness, volunteers in their community, and experiences a team adventure in a new environment. Success in the Award is measured by regular participation over a fixed period of time while showing commitment and progress in each activity. 

How does this work at Dishman Hills High School?

At Dishman Hills High School students in all grades have the opportunity to participate. Award USA  is run as an extra-curricular activity with support from teachers at school and Tamsin the Award Leader.

Award USA helps Dishman students stand out from the crowd and find their purpose, passion, and place in the world! We believe that not all learning happens in the classroom – in fact, some of life’s biggest lessons can happen in the least likely locations.

Students will have the opportunity to step outside their comfort zone, try new things, and develop skills such as leadership, teamwork, and confidence. The Award will challenge students to become confident, responsible, reflective, flexible, and engaged learners.

They will get the chance to develop skills they are passionate about, get physically active on their own terms, and experience adventure outside the classroom. Suggestions for activities include:

SERVICE: Volunteer in the community, which both benefits others and contributes to your own growth and well-being.

✷ Visiting and supporting people in need, such as the elderly, or disabled ✷ Sports coaching ✷ helping a local non-profit
SKILL: Work independently, or with teachers, to discover new passions, and develop your interests.
✷ coding ✷ painting ✷ drawing ✷ learning an instrument ✷ digital art ✷ video production 
PHYSICAL RECREATION: Any activity that requires sustained physical exertion and that makes you sweat.
✷ team-based sports ✷ rowing/running/ weights in the school fitness suite ✷ yoga/pilates ✷ outdoor walking ✷ outdoor running
ADVENTUROUS JOURNEY: Discover a spirit of adventure, and gain a deeper understanding of the environment, nature, and the great outdoors within teams by completing an:
✷ expedition ✷ exploration

Participants have until their 25th birthday to complete the Award and can take breaks and return to it later. Participants who complete the Award will be invited to an award ceremony and 

If you would like to start, continue, or finish the Award this year, or would just like to come on the Adventurous Journey trip, please see Tamsin or email [email protected] for more details. If you would like more information about the program please go to