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8/9th Humanities Project: "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure: A Journey Through Time and History"
In this captivating Project-Based Learning (PBL) unit, 9th Grade students will embark on an exciting journey through time as they delve into the rich histories of various ancient civilizations. Through an immersive exploration of Ancient Mesopotamia, the Tang Dynasty in China, the African empires of Ghana, Mali, and Songhai, the Maya, Inca, and Aztecs, as well as the Indus Valley Civilization and the Gupta Empire in India, students will gain a comprehensive understanding of the diverse cultural, social, economic, and political aspects of these civilizations. Throughout the unit, students will engage in dynamic and collaborative learning experiences, fostering critical thinking, research skills, and creative expression. The culmination of their discoveries will be showcased in a "Bill and Ted's Style" skit—a fun and imaginative final product that combines humor, historical accuracy, and creative storytelling.
8/9th STEM Project: Zombie Apocalypse
In this project, students will immerse themselves in a world where a zombie outbreak has occurred, and will explore the science behind viruses, the math necessary to model infection rates, and the strategies for surviving in a crisis situation. Through hands-on activities, research, and collaboration, students will develop skills and knowledge in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), as well as language arts, social studies, and psychology. By the end of this project, students will have a deeper understanding of the biology of viruses, the skills and strategies necessary for surviving in a crisis situation, and the personal and collective factors that contribute to long-term survival. Get ready to unleash your creativity, innovation, and critical thinking skills, and join us in this exciting and immersive learning adventure!
10th Humanities Project: Society's Compass
This 10th grade humanities project will have students working in teams to tackle global and local issues to bring about awareness and real change. Join a mock non-profit organization and shoot a public service announcement to show the public multiple perspectives on problems facing the world today.
10th STEM Project: The Ripple Effect
The "Ripple Effect" will examine how different users impact and are impacted by the watershed. We will investigate how the Missoula floods have shaped our region. We will conduct field research to determine the health of our local watershed and aquatic ecosystems. Finally, we will identify a problem facing our water shed and design and model a solution to restore the habitat. We will look at these topics through the lens of change and create physical, mathematical, and descriptive modeling to demonstrate our learning.