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Rebecca Alberts

Hello! My name is Rebecca Alberts and I am a math and special education teacher at Dishman Hills High School. I grew up in Silicon Valley, CA  but I moved to Spokane when I attended Gonzaga University for my undergraduate degree in Special Education. Following my undergraduate program, I was hired at Dishman Hills High School. I have loved working at Dishman from my first day. I love how I get to know each one of my students, and that I get to figure out how to best teach them. Since many people come to me telling me how much they dislike math, my job has been to show students how we can make math fun and make sense. I recently completed a Master's Degree in Math Education. Through this process I have learned a lot more of what makes math interesting, and what skills students need to have. I am excited to continue to teach at Dishman Hills, and for all the amazing new math ideas I can continue to bring to my students.