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Resources and Contacts

Central Valley, East Valley, and West Valley School Districts work together through the McKinney-Vento HEART Program to support the educational needs of students who find themselves in temporary or transitional housing during the school year.

The McKinney-Vento HEART Program works closely with the Spokane Valley Partners (10814 East Broadway, 927-1153), area shelters and housing providers, the Spokane Homeless Coalition, Greater Spokane Valley Support Network, area community resources, and the City and County of Spokane. We work together to ensure educational stability for students in short-term, temporary and transitional housing situations so they feel supported and encouraged while they secure permanent housing.

The Program also works closely with all area school districts in Spokane County and Kootenai County (Idaho) to create a region-wide network to support students in short-term, transitional and temporary housing situations.
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