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Who We Are

Who We Are

What if all students graduated high school with the knowledge, skills and habits they need to lead  a fulfilled life? This is the question that guides our mission at Dishman Hills High School.  

We are a tuition free, public high school located in Spokane Valley, Washington next door to Spokane Valley Tech. All students are welcome, regardless of their zip code. As with all public schools, there is no personal expense and the application process is quick and simple. We offer a free STA pass to facilitate transportation for our students.

We maintain a small school environment, never exceeding 300 students. This allows us to keep our classes small (typically between 12-14 students per class). Our mission is to prepare a diverse group of students for success in college and life. At Dishman Hills High School, we believe every student should have access to a high-performing, 21st Century education and are capable of being thoughtful and contributing members of society – while also being college and career ready.

We need exceptional, diverse, and mission-aligned teachers to join our team to help prepare our students for a fulfilled life. Join us!