Dishman Hills High School

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What You'll Do

What you’ll do:

Teachers work from 7:30-3:30 M, T, R, F and from 7:30-1:00 pm on Wednesdays.
Projects: Teachers work with students on projects that develop cognitive skills and apply their content knowledge to real-world situations. Teachers facilitate discussions in the classroom, coach students in applying their cognitive skills, and give students feedback. Between teaching blocks, teachers analyze student data, build lesson plans, support school culture, and other personal development activities. Summit teachers build lesson plans through a deep understanding of student progress data, which determines the group and individual supports needed for their students to succeed. 
Mentor: Build deep relationships and sense of community when teachers meet with their small group of mentees daily for their entire time at Dishman. Daily, teachers meet with their mentor groups, work on habits of success as a group, and check in one-on-one with their mentees. Mentors coach and advocate for their mentees both inside and outside of the classroom, and strive to support them as they develop their sense of purpose as they become self-directed learners.
Self-Directed Learning and Interventions: Facilitate Self Directed Learning time and daily literacy or math interventions, which don’t involve lesson planning. During this time, teachers provide student support, monitor progress, and check in with individuals or groups of students.
Collaboration & Professional Development: Once a week, teachers participate in all-faculty school meetings where community decisions are made, professional development takes place, and faculty collaborates as a grade-level team or subject-level team.